About Abadsazan Iran Group (AIG):

Abadsazan Iran Group (AIG) is recognized as one of the most reputable and reliable developers of residential, office and commercial building complexes in the posh area of District 1 of Tehran, it has embarked on its activities since 1993. Relying on engineering and managerial experience, benefiting from diligent and specialist workforce, and employing modern technologies and know-how in the construction industry, the AIG founders have taken efficient steps toward advancing the construction industry in Iran and offered luxury and spectacular complexes to their loyal clients.

Focusing on the needs of the clients, AIG has placed customer orientation at the top of its agenda and has turned into a leading organization in designing, planning and constructing modern buildings in Iran. Expertise and years of successful experience in the construction industry in the Iranian capital of Tehran have led AIG to properly identify and the rising number of clients and investors serves as a proof of this claim.

AIG construction projects are offered under the “AVA” brand. AVA evokes luxury building construction based on high quality engineering services, construction and maintenance. Among the prominent AVA residential projects mention can be made of AVA Golesang Tower in Niavaran, Tehran, and AVA Golestan,AVA Farzin and among the commercial projects, AVA Center(under construction),and AVA General(under construction).AIG is intent on developing and elevating the AVA brand by benefiting from its invaluable human resources.